Dancing on the Double Ice—Plastic People of the Universe Concert Poster

Spring 2019    Power Station of Art Shanghai           
Speical Thanks: Jiaqi Wu

The Plastic People of the Universe (PPU) is a Czech rock band from Prague. It was the foremost representative of Prague's underground culture (1968–1989), which had gone against the grain of Czechoslovakia's Communist regime. Due to their non-conformism, members of the band often suffered serious repercussions such as arrests. The group continues to perform despite the death of its founder, main composer and bassist, Milan "Mejla" Hlavsa in 2001.

Dancing on the Double Ice is a poster design for Plastic People of the Universe.  The was the first time that this Czech band  took a trip to Shanghai, China  at Power Station of Art, 2019. 

Typeface was provided by artist Zorka Saglova

宇宙塑料人(PPU)是来自布拉格的捷克摇滚乐队。它是布拉格地下文化(1968年至1989年)的最有代表性的代表,它违背了捷克斯洛伐克共产党的政权。由于他们的不服从,乐队成员经常遭受严重的反响,例如被捕。尽管其创始人,主要作曲家和贝斯手米兰“ Mejla” Hlavsa于2001年去世,但该乐队仍然继续演出。 在“双冰之舞”是为《宇宙塑料人》设计的海报。这是这支捷克乐队第一次在2019年的艺术动力站到中国上海旅行。

字体由艺术家Zorka Saglova 提供。