museo della moda milano— Fashion Museum Identity Design

Fall 2019  ArtCenter          
Special Thanks: Simon Johnston

MMM is a hypothetical fashion museum. Fashion shows nowadays are changing with a rapid speed. The Runways in a show resemble the stage of the fashion industry while the role of museo della moda milano is the backstage of the runway. It is a showroom that unveils the unseen and the process that happens behind the glamorous runway shows.

The logo form is a road that has a loop along the way. It represents the fashion journey from the past, present and to the future while also reflecting the path of a runway walk. The models take turns at every corner of the t-shape stage, which is the reasoning behind the sharp 90-degree angles. The secondary language of the brand are dotted lines that represent both blueprints that the dressmakers are accustomed to and also the movements MMM wants to take towards the fashion industry.