Hardly Silent—San Francisco Silent Film Festival (SF SFF)

Summer 2019    ArtCenter          
Speical Thanks: Cheri Gray


My design approach to this year's San Francisco Silent Film Festival is called "Hardly Silent". Though the films in the silent era itself were silent, the showings were not, often paired with an orchestra or live music. I wanted to address this interesting duality by using refined, delicate type in unexpected ways to combine the sophisticated yet noisy nature of these gatherings to give the watchers a visual sense of what silent films are really about. The use of gold and silver matalic paper in this project reflects the silent while flourishing movie industry in the beginning age of 20 century. The clear film pages appear quietly in the book to evoke a bit sense of actual film texture. Most of the book is printed in black and white with textured paper. The idea is movie makers were trying all kinds of experimental way to shoot the film on the basis of a silent medium. The Festival Schedule Poster’s idea was taken from a film guide book that showcases the camera speed while shooting moving objects. The randomness in the typography represents the changing speed, mixes well with the unifined rule elements which suggest the silence. The simplicity of the Founders Grotesk balances with (display) Serifbebe and (text) Fabrik in a harmonious way. Combining comparatively complex fonts with a font that has support for many weights was a very interesting experience. The typographic palette is completed by Founders Grotesk Mono.

sf video 1080 from Charles Shi on Vimeo.